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  Category Veterinary & Animal Sciences    Keywords Vaccine fish mycobacterium, fish mycobacteriosis, Mycobacterium marinum   Current development stage General list: TRL3 Experimental proof of concept              Application M. ...
Barkan Daniel
Category Veterinary & Animal Sciences    Keywords Disease Resistance, Genetic Improvement, Selective Breeding, Cyprinus carpio, Aquaculture Current development stage TRL4 Technology validated in labApplication Infectious diseases ...
David Lior
Background: Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is one of the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States, represents a group of neurodevelopmental disorders characterized by impaired social interaction and communication as well as ...
Avraham Yosefa
  Category Veterinary & Animal Sciences    Keywords Aquaculture, Animal Feed Current development stage TRL5 Technology validated in relevant environement       Application Conventional antibiotics are used to treat bacterial diseases ...
Van Rijn Jaap
Detects the fertility levels in newly-laid eggs and the gender of the embryo Categories Agriculture, Animal Science/Veterinary Medicine, Animal Breeding/Genetics Development Stage Proof of concept; preliminary studies with excellent ...
Rozenboim Israel
P. pastoris yeast enables abundant production of LH recombinant protein Categories Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fish Culture, Animal Sciences Development Stage Proof of concept    Highlights Cyprinid fish include the common carp, which is the ...
Levavi-Sivan Berta
Enables in situ delivery of active ingredients where and when required Categories Veterinary Medicine /Animal Science , Human Medicine, Life Science & Biotechnology, Veterinary Formulations, Medical device, Dental Development ...
Friedman Michael