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  Background Viruses play a major role in the occurrence of respiratory diseases. Transfer of virus can occur to and from hands, as well as between hands and fomites. Today alcohol – based sanitizers demonstrate good antimicrobial activity but ...
Touitou Elka
Background One of the key problems facing the tampons industry is the fact that all too often, used tampons are flushed down the toilet. Contrary to toilet paper, tampons do not disintegrate in water. As a matter of fact, they are designed to do ...
Cohn Daniel
Nature’s way to keep tissues healthy Category Cosmetics,  Cosmoceuticals, Aging Skin Development Stage Completed in vitro experiments, ready to develop a dossier documenting safety, efficacy in humans and manufacturing details (EEC-6th/7th ...
Mitrani Eduardo
Background Cement & Gypsum require a lot of energy for production, consume large areas of land and are hard to recycle. There is a global need for new environment-friendly, low cost materials for construction. Our Innovation Utilizing ...
Mandler Daniel
Our Innovation Device for disinfecting re-circulating water system utilizing new biocidal silver composite, Using a new materials-technology which enables the entrapment of organic biocidal compounds within biocidal silver, resulting in a ...
Avnir David