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Fast Online Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Network security requires the inspection of data packets for protocol non-compliance, viruses, spam, intrusions, or other predefined security-linked criteria. Usually carried out by a network device ...
Hay David
Our Innovation System uses pictures, pseudo words, or artificial grammar to establish a secret between the user and the computer.  By testing user’s knowledge of the shared secret, program accepts the user only after the chance of imposture ...
Weinshall Daphna
Searchable symmetric encryption with practical big-data performance and strong security Outsourcing data storage to remote servers offers invaluable benefits while introducing many concerns when dealing with sensitive data.  In the presence of ...
Segev Gil
Category Computer science and Engineering    Keywords Cyber Security, Legacy Systems Current stage TRL2 Technology Concept Formulated; Looking for industrial design partners. Application Cyber-attacks on industrial control systems and ...
Gavish Matan
Gershon Ben-Shakhar, Department of Psychology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem   Innovation summary We have developed an accurate technique for detecting deceitful attempts to deny recognition of a familiar face in a photograph. Based on ...
Pertzov Yoni
Highlights Advanced tools for analyzing, monitoring, and understanding public and political discourse around the world The tools bring together theoretical understanding of political and public discourse with state-of- the-art computational ...
Sheafer Tamir
Our Innovation An interactive web-based map based on innovative digital-mapping and information visualization technologies designed to explore and experience Jewish cultures in their historical development from a perspective of time and ...
Seroussi Edwin