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Background Printed Electronics (PE) offers an attractive low cost alternative for the fabrication of electrical and optoelectronic devices which can be applied on large areas, and either on flexible or rigid surfaces. While metallic inks have ...
Banin Uri
Background Light activation of neurons is a growing field with applications ranging from basic investigation of neuronal systems to the development of new therapeutic methods. Several light activation approaches have been demonstrated using ...
Yitzchaik Shlomo
Background Cement & Gypsum require a lot of energy for production, consume large areas of land and are hard to recycle. There is a global need for new environment-friendly, low cost materials for construction. Our Innovation Utilizing ...
Mandler Daniel
Background Today, The main method employed for the synthesis of silica microcapsules is based on an emulsion/sol-gel approach. This approach has been applied successfully in the microencapsulation of hydrophobic materials. The encapsulation ...
Abu-Reziq Raed
Background Current 3D printing processes for ceramic 3D structures is conducted mainly by printing an object, which is composed of a ceramic powder and an organic binder, then sintering the body at a high temperature (>1000 °C). The ...
Magdassi Shlomo