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Technology NameBriefcaseLead Researcher
Investment/ Collaboration Opportunity Highlights: The company is interested in strategic cooperation/investors, mainly with technology companies and consumer electronics companies working in the field of 3D devices and photography.   About ...
Peleg Shmuel
Company Profile Inner eye's technology bridges human perception and artificial intelligence. It enables rapid real-time classification of visual input detected by the human brain and merged with computer algorithms.   InnerEye provides a ...
Deouell Leon
Company Name Amenity Analytics Company Founders Prof. Ronen Feldman Current CEO Nathaniel Storch About the Company Amenity Analytics’ VIP – Visual Information Extraction Platform synthesizes artificial intelligence with human intelligence to ...
Feldman Ronen
Company Name Qed-it Company Founders Prof. Aviv Zohar, Jonathan Rouach Current CEO Jonathan Rouach About the Company Founded by a world class team, QED-it has developed the Zero-Knowledge Blockchain. Combining two advanced technologies, ...
Zohar Aviv