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  Application Improved electrical connections between neurons and electronic devices for human-device improved interface and for research Highlights The ring-like Stable Protein 1 (SP1) is a homo-dodecamer with an outer diameter of 11nm and ...
Spira Micha E
  Highly sensitive, self formed and simple to fabricate nano junction devices changing resistance in the presence of minute concentration of volatile gases:   Background Detectors of volatile gas, including combustible gases, are essential ...
Yerushalmi Roie
“Thaw and Go” Better Cryopreservation of Adherent Cells   Category Life Science & Biotechnology Keywords freeze, thaw, cell culture, cryopreservation Current development stage General list: TRL4 Technology validated in lab              ...
Braslavsky Ido
Background There is a growing demand in the field of biological drugs for improved protein expression platforms. Consequently there is a need for affordable manufacturing methods. Our Innovation A new concept of vector design that incorporates ...
Tirosh Boaz
  Background Mutations in specific genes or proteins variability can dramatically enhance our probability to get cancer. Similarly, genetic variability could have the opposite effect and actually protect us from cancer, other diseases and even ...
Tabach Yuval
Fills the gap between crystallography and optical imaging    Background Information about macromolecules is encoded in their shape and the way they are assembled. X-ray scattering methods are important tools for investigating the structure and ...
Raviv Uri
Background        Chicken embryonic fibroblasts (CEFs) are commonly used for the production of vaccines and are a source material for cultured meat. Fibroblasts are contact-dependent limiting their large-scale production to carrier beads capable ...
Nahmias Yaakov
Background PCR using bisulfite-treated DNA as a template, which is  followed by next generation sequencing (NGS), has a major potential as a diagnostic tool, by identifying DNA derived from specific tissue based on cell type-specific methylation ...
Dor Yuval
Background The human brain is comprised of water, proteins and lipids,  which are distributed in different regions of the brain and in various pathological states. As yet, it remains a major challenge to localize and quantify these molecules ...
Mezer Aviv