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Technology NameBriefcaseLead Researcher
  Background High concentrations of herbicides are used to compensate for loss due to leaching and surface migration. The Current Slow-release and controlled-release Herbicides are specifically designed for hydrophobic formulations, but  not ...
Rubin Baruch
Dried cellular hydrocolloid carriers for biological control of pathogens Categories Agriculture, Pest Control / Herbicides, Biological Pest Control, Carriers Development Stage Research completed Patent Status Granted US Patent 7,422,737 ...
Nussinovitch Amos
  Categories Agriculture, Pest Control / Herbicides, Biological Pest Control, Cleantech Development Stage Successful field demonstrations on cucumber, grapes and citrus  Highlights Naturally occurring, unmodified fungi could be acting as ...
Sztejnberg Abraham
Keywords Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security, Pesticides Current development stage TRL3 Experimental proof of concept        Application The question of how to feed the worlds growing population is becoming increasingly important. By ...
Kerem Zohar
Application The development is an innovative technique to cost-effectively preserve and prolong shelf-life in crop-plants. A wide range of agricultural crops such as tomato, potato, eggplant and other Solanaceous species overcome oxidative ...
Burdman Saul
  Category Agriculture Keywords Photo inhibition, crop enhancement , photodamage, Plant yield , Plant productivity   Current development stage General list: TRL4 Technology validated in lab       Our Innovation A transgenic plant that ...
Kaplan Aaron
  Category Agriculture Keywords Dichlorophenoxy acetic acid, 2,4-D, herbicide resistant, plants Current development stage General list: TRL2 Technology concept formulated Collaboration Opportunity Sponsored Research with an option to ...
Mosquna Assaf