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Methods and systems for processing an input. An input vector y is received that represents a noisy observation of Ax, where A is a data matrix and x is a data vector of unknown variables. Data vector x is recovered from the received input vector ...
Dolev Danny
Reduces incidence of serious errors and costs Errors are a serious concern in high performance computing. Increase in machine size and decrease in operating voltage lead to increase in the incidence of hard errors (component failure) and soft ...
Schwartz Oded
Application Machine learning is the most important technological development of the century, with countless applications. Modern machine learning algorithms utilize neural network architectures (deep learning). Today's neural networks do ...
Rappoport Ari
Keywords Group messaging, out-of-band authentication, end-to-end encryption, man-in-the-middle attacks Current development stage TRL4 Technology validated in lab               Background While actively communicating at multiple messaging ...
Segev Gil
Fills the gap between crystallography and optical imaging  Category Chemistry & Materials    Keywords X-ray scattering, Supramolecular, Self-Assembled Current development stage Functioning software programApplication Information ...
Raviv Uri
Application         In movie filming, poor sound quality is very common. Many speech segments are re-recorded in a studio during post-production to compensate for the poor sound quality that was recorded on location. The current compensating ...
Peleg Shmuel
  Categories Nanotechnology, Micro & Opto Electronics Keywords Atomic clock, frequency, wavelength, gas vapor, automotive, security, trading, exploration Current development stage TRL3 - experimental proof of concept; Seeking for seed ...
Levy Uriel