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Technology NameBriefcaseLead Researcher
Gershon Ben-Shakhar, Department of Psychology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem   Innovation summary We have developed an accurate technique for detecting deceitful attempts to deny recognition of a familiar face in a photograph. Based on ...
Pertzov Yoni
Our Innovation An interactive web-based map based on innovative digital-mapping and information visualization technologies designed to explore and experience Jewish cultures in their historical development from a perspective of time and ...
Seroussi Edwin
Application Social network technologies (SNT) and online Social Network Sites (SNS) are immensely popular and have become an integral part of people's everyday functioning and social lives worldwide, and especially among adolescents. The ...
Schwarz Baruch (Education)
Application Machine learning is the most important technological development of the century, with countless applications. Modern machine learning algorithms utilize neural network architectures (deep learning). Today's neural networks do ...
Rappoport Ari
  Category Computer science and Engineering    Keywords Multilingual AI, Natural Language Processing, Semantic representation, Text-to-text generation and its evaluation Current development stage Know-how transfer; Looking for industrial ...
Abend Omri
  Category Software Keywords Fintech, NLP, textual analysis Development stage Knowhow, open-source, interested in industry partnership for further product development  Application Several studies have found that there are various ...
Muchnik Lev