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Background Cement & Gypsum require a lot of energy for production, consume large areas of land and are hard to recycle. There is a global need for new environment-friendly, low cost materials for construction. Our Innovation Utilizing ...
Mandler Daniel
Background There are many areas contaminated soil all over the world and especially in industrialized countries. There is a constant demand for cost effective remediation solutions, in particular for Oil contamination. Existing ozone ...
Sasson Yoel (Casali)
Background The current commercial photo-initiators are unsuitable for radical-polymerization of adhesive coatings and 2&3D printing due to their poor water solubility, low efficiency and restricted suitability to the emerging LED ...
Banin Uri
Background Current manufacturing and processing of wood uses hazardous materials and traditional low-tech methods.  The existing methods require significant manpower, but more importantly, limits the versatility and personalization of the ...
Magdassi Shlomo