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Background Intravenous injection of some liposomal drugs, diagnostic agents, micelles and other lipid-based nanoparticles cause hypersensitivity reactions in up to 45% of patients,which appear to be initiated by the complement system (C) of ...
Barenholz Yechezkel
  Background Genetically engineered probiotic bacteria for the local treatment of inflammatory Bowel Condiftions   Application   The following are diseases that this technology can be applied to: Periodontal disease (PD): This is a chronic ...
Nussbaum Gabriel
  Our Innovation: Drug-eluting stents (DES) are widely used in intravascular intervention. The current technology is based on crystallization of drug onto stent surface (with no- polymer) Coating process is resulting in high yield coatings that ...
Domb Abraham
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Shoseyov Oded
Category LifeSciences and BioTechnology    Keywords congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, cardiac steroids Current development stage For Pharmaceutical development: TRL4 - PoC&Safety of candidate device or system is ...
Lichtstein David