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Our Innovation System uses pictures, pseudo words, or artificial grammar to establish a secret between the user and the computer.  By testing user’s knowledge of the shared secret, program accepts the user only after the chance of imposture ...
Weinshall Daphna
Searchable symmetric encryption with practical big-data performance and strong security Outsourcing data storage to remote servers offers invaluable benefits while introducing many concerns when dealing with sensitive data.  In the presence of ...
Segev Gil
Application Social network technologies (SNT) and online Social Network Sites (SNS) are immensely popular and have become an integral part of people's everyday functioning and social lives worldwide, and especially among adolescents. The ...
Schwarz Baruch (Education)
Category Computer science and Engineering    Keywords Cyber Security, Legacy Systems Current stage TRL2 Technology Concept Formulated; Looking for industrial design partners. Application Cyber-attacks on industrial control systems and ...
Gavish Matan