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Easily-manufactured liquid core capsules which can be regenerated after use   Background The use of metals and chemicals in process industries results in the generation of large quantities of effluent containing high levels of toxic ...
Nussinovitch Amos
Background The current commercial photo-initiators are unsuitable for radical-polymerization of adhesive coatings and 2&3D printing due to their poor water solubility, low efficiency and restricted suitability to the emerging LED ...
Banin Uri
Background Water pollution is an acute problem. Several methods are currently being used to treat contaminated water that has organic waste as well as bacterial waste. Most of the techniques are based on oxidation using e.g. ozone, ...
Sasson Yoel (Casali)
Background Granulated active carbon is the most common sorbent used for water filtration. However, it is not a pollutant-specific sorbent, which can result in poor removal of some pollutants, especially in the presence of naturally-occurring ...
Mishael Yael