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Easily-manufactured liquid core capsules can be regenerated after use Categories Cleantech & Environment, Water Technologies Development Stage Proof of concept, ongoing research, ready for industrial scale-up Patent Status Patent ...
Nussinovitch Amos
Category Nanotechnology    Keywords Photo-catalysis, light, compounds,   Current development stage TRL4 Technology validated in lab Application The current commercial photo-initiators are unsuitable for radical-polymerization of ...
Banin Uri
Category Chemistry & Materials Keywords Pollution ,PPB, PPM, Superoxide and Hydroxyl Radicals , Waste, Water Current development stage TRL4 Technology validated in lab               Application Water pollution is an acute problem. ...
Sasson Yoel (Casali)
Application Granulated active carbon is the most common sorbent used for water filtration. However, it is not a pollutant-specific sorbent, which can result in poor removal of some pollutants, especially in the presence of naturally-occurring ...
Mishael Yael