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Background The invention brings a new modality of anti-bacterial treatment as a stand-alone therapy or combined with antibiotics The bacterial toxin MazF induces bacterial cell death by triggering downstream death pathways. The labile ...
Engelberg-Kulka Hanna
  Highly sensitive, self formed and simple to fabricate nano junction devices changing resistance in the presence of minute concentration of volatile gases:   Background Detectors of volatile gas, including combustible gases, are essential ...
Yerushalmi Roie
  Background Malaria is caused by unicellular Plasmodium parasites which are transmitted by the bite of mosquitoes. Although several medicines are available for prophylaxis and treatment of acute infection, their application is severely hampered ...
Dzikowski Ron
Background Bacteria communicate and coordinate population behavior through the mechanism of quorum sensing (QS), which controls the expression of genes that affect a variety of bacterial processes. Cannabis, Cannabinoids and endo-cannabinoids ...
Steinberg Doron
Nir-Paz Ran, Hadassah Medical Center Background The World Health Organization has announced antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security and development today. Up to 50% of infections in G7 countries may be ...
Hazan Ronen