Enhanced Secretion of Proteins by Tag-Cleaving Cellular System

Danieli Tsafi, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Wolfson Foundation Centre for Applied Structural Biology

Protein Secretion is a fundamental aspect in production of therapeutic proteins in eukaryotic cells. Most therapeutic proteins are produced as secreted proteins in mammalian cells such as CHO and HEK293.  An essential milestone in the production scheme is the amount of produced protein, since it will affect the cost of production. Low productivity will often result in high production costs, where insufficient secretion might prevent the therapeutic application of biologics since it is not cost-effective.

 Our invention proposes a novel method for improving production of secreted proteins by using stable cell lines in combination with specific cloning expression vectors in eukaryotic cells. Such a method will reduce costs and increase productivity of numerous recombinant and therapeutic proteins.

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