Novel Textures for Liquid-Based Food Products

Nussinovitch Amos, HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, Biochemistry, Food Science and Nutrition
Zeira Assaf, HUJI

Texturization of food products by freeze-thawing technique



Food and Nutrition, Processes, Dairy

Development Stage

Proof of concept established

Patent Status

Patent application filed


  • Uses novel freeze-thawing processing technique to attain specific texture
  • Answers continuing food industry need to provide desirable texture for food products manufactured from edible fluids
  • Texturization method for dairy industry for yogurts, puddings, non-acid milk products, milk beverages and other fluids
  • Our Innovation
  • Simple procedure using milk and water-soluble polymers is passed through a controlled freeze-thawing cycle to obtain yogurt-like consistency, without the presence of lactic acid bacteria.

Key Features

  • Rapid texturization process
  • Can add pro-biotic micro-organisms, fruit pieces, or other liquids to basic product
  • Product can be kept frozen indefinitely; shelf-life begins only after thawing
  • Maintains product stability

Development Milestones

Scaling up obligatory before use in industrial environment

Looking for partner for industrial trials

The Opportunity

  • Rapidly expanding food industry demands innovative products that provide specific textures during processing and preparing
  • Potential to create novel textures as possible replacement for fat content in yogurts, puddings, and other milk products
  • Potential for novel liquid-based fruit products using the freeze-thawing technique

Contact for more information:

Amichai Baron
VP, Head of Business Development, Agritech & Envir