New Formulation for Reducing Blister Development and Pain in Burn Wounds ("Stop Burn")

Touitou Elka, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Pharmacy- Institute for Drug Research



Medical Device


  • Highly effective in impeding non-severe burns development, wound edema and blisters formation.
  • Instant pain abolishment.
  • Faster healing speed.
  • Smaller burn's size and lower severity.
  • Stable product with standard pharmaceutical manufacturing process.
  • Quick and substantial commercial potential for first & second-degree burns treatment that could be approved through a relative short regulatory track.

  • Basic formulation consists of a polymeric matrix that incorporates ethanol & an alkaline substance. 
  • The basic composition can also be diversified by including additional agents
  • "Stop burn" will be offered in various forms such as gel, hydrogel, cream, spray and emulsion.


Fig. 1: Histological images of rat skin sections following in vivo treatment after thermal burns:                                                                                                                                    

A. Control – no treatment. T=24 hours

B. Immediate application of the composition. T=3 hours

C. Non immediate treatment (delayed for 1 hour after burn). T=24 hours

D. Immediate application of the composition                                                                                                            


Fig. 2: Burn depth progression

Vascular damages during the 24 hours after   thermal: Immediate treatment, 1 hour delayed treatment and no treatment control                       


Thermal non-severe burn injury induces non-specific inflammatory reaction, with dermal vascular damage, destruction of epidermis, edema and blister formation. These responses lead to progressive ischemic damage to the skin tissue, reduce blood perfusion and tissue necrosis as the depth of the burn progresses with time. None of the existing first-aid treatments provide a solution that is capable to prevent the burn from further development and minimize the side effects (like blisters and scars). "Stop Burn" minimizes and prevents the burn wound subsequent tissue destruction, impedes burn development, wounds edema, blisters formation and reduces pain.

Current Development Stage                       

TRL4 - PoC&Safety of candidate device or system is demonstrated in a defined lab or animal model

"Stop Burn" next stages are to scale up to commercial batch size, compile registration dossier as a medical device and submit for approval following 510K class 1 regulatory track.

Expected Impact

With around 9.8 Millions of burns incidences occurring annually. Numerous attempts to favorably alter the burn wound by various treatments such as antibiotic formulations, hydrogels and water-based emulsions have been generally unsuccessful. "Stop Burn" will bring significant impact to treating burned skin more effectively in comparison to existing solutions.

Patent Status

Granted US 8,784,892; Australia (Oceania) 2005219045; Europe 1720534; Israel 177793

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