Personalized, Adaptive Annotations of Texts

Rappoport Ari, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science


Automated solution provides superior comprehension


Educational materials, personally annotated text, reading comprehension enhancement, foreign language development, technical analysis, professional terminology

Development Stage

Partial prototype implemented by a company called ReadEasy  

Patent Status

Patent Published in Europe and US

Market Size


  • Annotations may contain text, images, or audio materials
  • Addresses a variety of educational needs
  • Gloss is drawn from any available, appropriate resource such as dictionaries, translations, encyclopaedias, etc.
  • Facilitates comprehension of professional materials containing technical terminology
  • Ideal facilitator for foreign language development and learning disabilities
  • Can be presented as printed form or on screen in highlighted manner

Our Innovation

  • Annotated text facilitating comprehension
  • Gloss responds to the attributes of the text and a database of the reader’s personal proficiency profile using a variety of indices including data actively acquired
  • May be interwoven into core text, in margins of pages, or as separate text
  • Compatible for use with a computer, PDA, mobile phone display or gamer
  • Can be adapted for the sight challenged via large fonts, Braille, or playable audio file

 The Opportunity

  • Versatile technology to address a wide variety of educational needs
  • Relieves modern dilemma of information overload
  • Expanding market to facilitate learning foreign languages due to globalization


Patent Status

Granted US 8,700,382

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