Germanium-based Precursors with High Water Solubility

Lev Ovadia, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry


Chemistry & Materials   


Process chemistry, semiconductors, IR window, germanium oxide, solubility, inorganic salts, thin films, green chemistry

Current development stage

General list: TRL7  System prototype demonstration      



Hydrogen peroxide is a growing and promising modifier for advanced material preparation since it can be easily removed by thermal decomposition without use of solvents or leaving residual contaminants. The researchers have developed a process to obtain peroxocompounds of p-block elements that utilize the benefits of hydrogen peroxide to generate industrially-relevant chemical precursors. Specifically, germanium compounds are important materials but their preparation on an industrial scale is marred by challenges. The solubility is too low for wet deposition approaches and the solution is usually prepared via wasteful low-yield routes.  

Our Innovation

  • New route to generate highly soluble form of germanium oxide
  • Highly stable precursor that can be stoichiometrically converted easily to germanium oxide
  • The highly reactive germanium-oxide reacts like a salt rather than an oxide reagent and can easily be exploited for other germanium compounds


In applications where a germanium oxide aqueous solution  is desired then this approach generates an aqueous solution with a germanium oxide concentration that is 20x the solubility limit in water for classically prepared germanium oxide. Additionally, the germanium oxide generated via this route reacts rapidly with acids and bases and is a versatile reagent for producing germanium compounds.

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