Using Leptin to Improve Nutritional Status, Well-Being, Cognition, and Survival

Berry Elliot, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Public Health
Avraham Yosefa, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Public Health
Sviri Sigal , HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC

Treatment for conditions caused by caloric restrictions and metabolic stress


Medicine, Nutrition

Development Stage

Proof of concept in animal model

Patent Status

US Granted patent no. 9,333,240

Market Size

Global market for drug treatment for metabolic diseases, $73 in 2015


  • Leptin is an adipokine hormone that plays a central role in food intake, energy balance and body weight regulation
  • Effective in mouse model in improving cognitive functioning and survival rate resulting fromĀ  various stress states including semi-starvation


  • treatment for weight loss associated with severe malnutrition, gastro-intestinal disorders, malnutrition caused by cancer, HIV, anorexia, and other diseases or injuries affecting nutritional balance

Our Innovation

  • A pharmaceutical using leptin for the treatment of undesirable manifestations of nutritional stress conditions. Leptin is used to improve nutritional well-being, metabolic integrity, cognitive function (especially impaired cognition caused by malnutrition), and to prolong survival.

Key Features

  • Strengthens body condition weakened by disease, infection, malnutrition, and other states associated with negative energy balance
  • Administered by injection
  • Already licensed as safe for use in humans (in rare cases of obesity)
  • Development Milestones
  • Preparation for clinical trials

The Opportunity

  • Technology offers effective means of improving nutritional status and cognitive functioning caused by malnutrition
  • Treatment modality to prolong survival rate for patients suffering metabolic stress

Patent Status

Granted US 9,333,240

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VP, Head of Business Development, Healthcare