Short Peptides Derived from GPCR that Selectively Modulate Signal Transduction for Vascular Disorders (Pro Angiogenic Molecules)

Ben-Sasson Shmuel, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, Developmental Biology and Cancer Research



One of the largest families of receptors in the human genome is that of the 7 -ransmembrane receptor (7-TMR) superfamily, also known as G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), numbering approximately 2000.

G-protein coupled receptors regulate a large number of important physiological processes. At least 40% of the prescription drugs that have been developed have actions related to these receptors. Most of these drugs work by interfering with the ligand binding to the receptor that occurs outside of cells. G-proteins are important effectors of cell activation

Our Innovation

The  technology is based on the discovery that compounds, comprising relatively short sequences of 5 to 20 amino acids, identical to native sequences appearing in a specific region of any of the 2nd loop of 7 transmembrane receptor are capable of altering the signal transduction mediated by the same 7TM receptor from which the sequences were obtained.

The technology covers a universal method for modulation (increase or decrease ) of the activity of any one of the 2000 G protein coupled receptors, comprising administration to the subject  of a 5-20 amino acid peptide, preferably attached to a moiety for facilitating its entry to the cell. The invention covers literarily thousands of such p short peptides and their derivatives.


Our Innovation offers a universal method for treating any disease or pathological condition involving G-coupled receptor irregularity, by administration of very short amino acids sequences.

Specific examples were obtained for several G-coupled receptors being: endothelial differentiation gene 3 (EDG3)- both for regulating angiogenesis and endothelia function,  melanocortin 1 (MC1) and the  β2-adrenoreceptor.


Patent Status

Granted US 7,683,031

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