New, Extra Large, Attractive Passion-Fruit Cultivar

Samach Alon, HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, Plant Sciences and Genetics


Agriculture    & food


Passion fruit , Cultivation of passion fruit, exotic fruit

Current development stage

TRL9 Actual system proven in operational environment    

Our innovation

  • A new cultivar of passionfruit that shows major advantages over the commercially available passionfruit:
  • Attractive peel color red-orange with purple spots/lines
  • Pink lady/Pomegranate-like appearance
  • Large size: more than 2 –fold larger than the existent commercial varieties
  • Peel: medium thickness, allowing the firmness of the fruit without effecting the fruit content
  • Very aromatic
  • Taste: sweet-sour, similar to the commercial varieties


The cultivar was found to be stable in various climate conditions (different temperatures, greenhouse and field) and yielded equally and possible superior to the commercial cultivar.



In general, Passionfruit is growing popular as an additive in the dairy industry (fruit yogurts and ice-creams, baby fruit puree). Also there is growing demand in field of cosmetics

Passionfruit is considered relatively free of chemical fertilizers and most suitable for the organic market

Expert growers have shown much interest in the novel cultivar and suggested that based on its appearance, taste and yield, it will likely replace all current passion fruit cultivars on the market shelf.

Patent Status


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