Liposomal Formulation of New Moiety for X-Ray Mammography Imaging and Tumor Visual Detection

Golomb Gershon, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Pharmacy- Institute for Drug Research


We encapsulated the dual-purpose moiety (x-ray contrast agent and visual detection) in liposomes in order to provide a long residence time of the dye in the tumor site achieving increased accumulation and retention at the SLN. Our technology provides facile and reproducible method for encapsulating high concentration of the moiety in liposomes. Moreover, the liposomal formulation is characterized with favorable physicochemical properties and colloidal stability. The high encapsulation yield of the cargo, the moiety, together with its high content of the active agent and intense color enables detection by low energy x-ray mammography in the pre-operative procedure for surgical breast lump removal, and sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB). It also enables, at the same time, intraoperative visual detection by the surgeon. This is accomplished by a single local injection of a single agent prior to surgery at the tumor area.

The liposomal-moiety formulation provides a new moiety-based contrast agent that will increase the sensitivity and specificity of X-ray mammography and will spare the use of the radioactive agent used today, Technetium-99m. The use of the new moiety as a contrast agent in mammography is superior to iodine contrast agents, since it has higher X-ray absorption in the energy range used by mammography and one excitation is sufficient to detect both the tissue and the contrast agent. Moreover, the new moiety is characterized with low toxicity profile. In addition, due to its colloidal properties liposomal-dye minimizes the procedure to only one injection of a single agent, and provides delayed diffusion, increased tumor/SLN accumulation, and slower lymphatic clearance in comparison to the commonly used methylene blue. The new preparation is applicable for imaging guided mammary carcinoma and melanoma surgeries.

We successfully encapsulated high concentration of the active compound in liposomes and demonstrated that it is effective for imaging in mammography scanning.

Our Innovation

The key advantage of this invention over currently used contrast materials is better x-ray imaging (or CT) and visualization of the tumor as well as SLN in both, pre- and intra-operative guided imaging. This is achieved by using a single injection of a single agent. An additional advantage is the reduced exposure of the patient to ionized radiation.


A new contrast agent for dual x-ray mammography imaging and tumor visual detection. this Liposomal formulation with a new moiety having very high loading of the imaging agent, serving as a new dual-purpose composition based contrast agent for x-ray mammography imaging, and visual detection of the tumor as well as the sentinel lymph node (SLN). Well known dye, simple procedure that could be implemented without any changes in the protocol or learning curve for the surgeon.


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