Novel Drug Delivery System of Large Molecules for Localized Sustained Release

Barenholz Yechezkel, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


The physical size of protein drugs and their susceptibility to degradation are key determinates that make them more dependent on drug delivery technologies. However formulating protein delivery systems so that they maintain their stability and remain within their efficacious and safe target doses remains a challenge.

We propose the use of a new Liposomal drug delivery system for sustained release of large biologically active molecules, in a controlled and local manner with long term biological activity. Additionally, the system would enable significantly higher drug loading in comparison to existing systems.

This novel delivery system is applicable for various applications, including: injectable cosmetics, cancer therapy and more.

In-vivo POC was demonstrated, as well as, in-vitro encapsulation and sustained release of a wide molecular range of proteins.


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