New Octameric High Affinity Biotin Binding Templates

Livnah Oded, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Alexander Silberman Institute for Life Sciences


Our Innovation

A unique protein sequence from Hoefleo Phototropica with extremely high affinity towards biotin. The fragment of this protein was identified to have the sufficient feature of the biotin binding properties.



  • Increased affinity of binding to biotin
  • Increased stability of the biotin conjugate over avidin-biotin
  • Increased signal amplification over avidin-biotin


The improved properties of octameric-hoefavidin-biotin might be exploited as an improvement over streptavidin, for applications including ELISA, Blotting, Immunology, Peptide & protein purification, DNA labeling & purification, Electron microscopy, Crosslinking, Affinity targeting, Light& fluorescent microscopy, Localization, Drug delivery, Pathology, Affinity therapy, Cell separation,Phage and yeast display technologies, Flow cytometry, Bio-sensing, and Nanoparticle probes.

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