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Kramer Diego, HUJI, Authority for Computation
Tchachkin Evgeniya, HUJI, Authority for Computation


Competitive applications processes are widely implemented across academic and nonacademic organizations. Managing the application processes is highly sensitive for both sides.

Application processes like scholarships, tenure track positions, graduate registration, thesis submission, exchange students, dean office for student activities, overseas students registration are pillars of the academic world

  • Outdated communication infrastructures (e.g. fax, email, form) result in:
  • Poor customer experience and frustrating communication
  • Data loss and inconsistency
  • Poor basis for an effective, data-driven application assessment
  • Opaque and ineffective process management for applicants, admins, evaluators and referees result in negative effect for organization brand rating.  

Our Innovation

A software package supporting a broad range of applications processes was developed and successfully implemented in The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It is a single digital system across application’s E2E life cycle for applicants, referees, admins and committee decision makers

Refining different application processes to standard ‘LEGO’ like building blocks allows agile deployment of many different application spaces.

“Petanto” software defines a unique and standardized method which is more efficient than email, paper or form based systems.

A “Plug & Play” methodology enables a quick deployment for most cases, easy adaptations and adjustments for emerging requirements.


  • Singe application folder containing all the relevant material from any source (applicant, referee, administration..), produces an innovated user experience for each participant  of the process
  • Provides high data accuracy, integrity, consistency and data-driven comparison of applicants
  • Easy adaptations for broad range of competitive application processes and adjustments for emerging requirements
  • A B2B scalable solution for different organization sizes
  • “Transparent” process for applicants, admins, judges and referee recommendations.
  • Agile deployment of application space/site via standard building blocks
  • Can be applied to all sorts of academic and nonacademic procedures
  • Multilingual support



Petanto brings value to many organizations struggling for maintaining a cost-effective and efficient application and enrolment process:

  • Universities and colleges
  • Philanthropic & funding organizations
  • Government organizations and municipalities
  • Non-governmental organizations



Contact for more information:

Anna Pellivert