Visual Representation of Multi-Media Objects on an Interactive Map

Seroussi Edwin, HUJI, Faculty of Humanities, Musicology

Our Innovation

An interactive web-based map based on innovative digital-mapping and information visualization technologies designed to explore and experience Jewish cultures in their historical development from a perspective of time and space.


  • Easy accessibility of high quality content to a wide range of publics, such as university researchers, schoolteachers, students and laypersons searching for information in a platform that differs from extant searching and data mining engines.
  • A flexible platform for incorporating, presenting and sharing data from existing databases and archives.


  • A pioneering digital cartographic platform for presenting Jewish culture and history
  • Visualizing dynamic relations and trajectory characteristics of the Jewish world through a uniquely designed interface combining a map with a timeline
  • Presenting multimedia documentary information, including sound, images, and film, along with quantitative geographic information (GIS)
  • A context for worldwide scholars and experts of all cultural fields to generate and share time-space based information




Future databases to incorporate into JCM:

  • Worldwide shifts of political borders over time
  • Changing names of places
  • Locations of Jewish communities, demographic changes of their number over time and data about their social segmentation
  • Location, activity and migration of Hebrew printing houses since the inception of the press

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