High Speed, High Resolution Video Streaming

Schapira Michael, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Computer Science


Coupling,  video compression, video transmission, PCC

Current development stage

TRL2  Technology Concept Formulated          


  • The performance of video streams' transmission over the internet is far from optimal, often manifested in poor user experience.
  • The internet transport protocols (TCP/IP or UDP) suffers from significantly degraded performance., whether the data is transmitted in adapted rate (TCP) or at a constant rate [UDP]

Our Innovation

  • A novel video transmission method
  • The new method enables to adjust a video compression rate to the desired bandwidth in real-time, and to determine the optimal compression rate.
  • Improved performance is achieved by increasing the total amount of traffic sent (instead of re-sending lost packets that are not relevant).
  • No changes are required in the receiver's hardware or software.


  • Effective solution to improve video transmission over the internet
  • Smoother video reception with maximum quality and minimal latency


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