Hand-Held MRI Device for Local MRI Measurements

Bar-Gill Nir, HUJI, Faculty of Science, Applied Physics Department


  • The standard MRI approach requires large magnetic fields, yielding bulky and expensive machines. Moreover, the inductive measurement is limited in terms of sensitivity and resolution.
  • These downsides result in limited availability of MRI machines, as well as poor applicability for analyzing small objects (e.g. ovarian status in IVF, gastrointestinal ESD specimens).

Our Innovation

  • A novel method for measuring MRI signals that relies on a different modality of magnetic sensing.
  • High-sensitivity due to the sensor’s proximity to the measured sample, together with an optical readout of the signal, provides orders-of-magnitude higher sensitivity.
  • High-resolution: the optical readout of the MR signal allows high-spatial resolution, down to several 10’s of microns.
  • Small package: the sensor modality consists of a measurement head of mm-scale, which is therefore portable and cheap, and could be integrated into endoscopic configurations.


  • The development addresses medical diagnostic scenarios for currently inaccessible applications.
  • Hand held MRI has potential to become a portable device with high availability.
  • The development serves for further research of miniature nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR).



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