New Formulations for Oral, Nasal, Transdermal and Rectal Delivery of Cannabinoids

Touitou Elka, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Pharmacy- Institute for Drug Research



Cannabinoid Administration, Formulation, Drug Delivery, Novel Carriers, Transdermal Formulation, Nasal Formulation, Oral formulation

Development Stage

In-vivo proof of concept

Patent Status

Several patent applications – new technologies for various routes of administration


Improved effect of Cannabinoids which are administrated via different routes is a real need and has increasing demand   



  • There is a need for cannabinoids based products for treatment via various ways of administration (Nasal, Oral, Transdermal and Rectal), that are efficient and safe and show prolonged effective action.
  • Currently, cannabinoids are administrated in capsules or sublingual spray  and the drug has only short action (a peak effect up to 4 hours with a median T max up to 2.5 hours).
  • Cannabinoids are very lipophilic molecules.  Hence, in order to bring them to a molecular state (dissolved)-- solvents like vegetable oils, glycols (propylene glycol) and ethanol are used. 
  • We have designed innovative cannabinoid formulations along the main routes of drug administration (dermal, nasal, oral and rectal) for treatment of various ailments: pain, neurological diseases, sleep, appetite, mood, anxiety, rheumatic arthritis, inflammatory diseases, and stress.



  • Our new platform technologies for cannabinoids do not require oils or chemical   solvents.
  • Eco-friendly preparation process with no need of high heating or use of solvents.
  • The inactive ingredients used in this new dosage form are approved for pharmaceutical use.
  • The technology is adequate for various cannabinoids: CBD, THC, iso-THC, CBG, CBC, CBN, CBE, CBL, CBT and their mixtures or for plant extracts.
  • In-vivo proof of concept


Our Innovation

Innovative formulations and compositions for design and development of new cannabinoid products for treatment of a wide range of diseases.


Key Features

  • Innovative transdermal, nasal, oral and rectal technologies for the development of new efficient products  of cannabinoids (CBD, THC, others) for treatment of various diseases
  • IP
  • Excipients approved for pharmaceutical use
  • Eco-friendly processes
  • Experiments in a pain using an animal model that adminestered cannabinoids in the new oral formulation show a very efficient and prolonged antinociceptive effect.


Development Milestones

 Seeking investment in new company or industrial collaboration for product development and clinical studies





Patent Status


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