Representation by Sound of the 3D Position of Objects

Amedi Amir, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, Medical Neurobiology

RenewSenses - Conveying the visual world through sound


Audio, Algorithms, Medical Applications

Current Development Dtage

TRL4 Technology validated in lab


Sensory substitution and/or verbalization systems and devices are human-machine interfaces which receive information via one modality (for example visually) and translate it into another modality (for example, auditory or haptic)

The main challenge in sensory substitution systems is to reduce the cognitive overload and reduce the amount of information coming from the visual modality and translated to the user.

The current approaches are insufficient in describing complex scenes and are limited in their ability to provide users with accurate, quickly-acquired knowledge of the position and identities of elements in the scene.

Our Innovation

RenewSenses technology enables people know which objects are around them; where they are located; and also have a new form of perceptual experience of their visual elements, through a new sensory language composed of musical notes and speech

The technology bring an impact visually impaired people

The technology has applications for public safety and homeland security domains


A novel form of eyes-free interaction with the visual world, with relevance to many other use cases of human enhancement and rehabilitation


Renewsenses presentation at MassChallenge: https://youtu.be/nZFpwogQ_AE 

LiveDemo at AIPAC https://youtu.be/r6bz1pOEJWg 

Patent Status

Published WO 2018/087771

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