Strong, Environmentally-friendly Construction Materials made from Compressed Salt (NaCI)

Mandler Daniel, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry


Cement & Gypsum require a lot of energy for production, consume large areas of land and are hard to recycle. There is a global need for new environment-friendly, low cost materials for construction.

Our Innovation

Utilizing millions of tons of Halite that accumulate as a byproduct of industrial processes, for example, at "Dead Sea Works", a producer of Potash products which generate a 20 Millions tons of Halite each year as a by-product.

Importantly, the salt is formulated to stabilize against water & humidity, compressed to form very strong blocks and boards.

The Building blocks & boards are produced by compression of formulated Halite (NaCl), used to build interior walls, providing beneficial properties. Compatible with other building materials (gypsum, cement and more). Low energy & cost of production, utilizing huge industrial waste streams, fully recyclable at end of life. 




  • Stable blocks produced, 5+ fold stronger than cement!
  • Can be easily stacked like LEGO blocks
  • Production of boards by roll-pressing demonstrated
  • Can be further modified for specific requirements



POC Achieved, the project is looking for industrial partnerships for scale up