Optical Routing and Transport Accelerator (ORTA)

Agranat Aharon, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Physics

Fast electronic/optical interconnectivity for processing digital data


Optoelectronics / Photonics, Optoelectronic Computing & Optical Communication

Development Stage


Patent Status

PCT patent filed

Market Size

The 2003 worldwide market for semiconductor optoelectronic components was estimated at $9 billion, forecast to grow by an annual average growth rate of 20% to over $22.3 billion by 2008


  • There is a growing demand to process larger volumes of digital data at ever increasing speeds plus exponential growth in performance of the basic microelectronic components
  • Current interconnection network, comprising multilayered complex of parallel electrical conduits, is a major bottle neck
  • Optical communication links provide effective, fast transport for large volumes of digital data over long distances in telecommunication
  • Problem: electronic data is in the form of digital, parallel-electronic words while optical data is organized as a serial string of photonic bits or digital, serial-optic words – need method for cost-effective conversion.

Our Innovation

ORTA is a generic architecture for converting between digital, parallel-electronic words and digital, serial-optic words incorporating two processes:

  • Conversion between parallel and serial signals by complex multiplexing or de-multiplexing; and
  • Conversion between the electronic and the optic representations of the signals using fast electronic devices and optoelectronic modulators.

Key Features

  • Generic architecture optimized for conversion of digital data back and forth from electrical pulses to photonic pulses
  • Effective for data conversion from electronic circuit to optical fiber and vice versa
  • ORTA operates at the rate of the data processing of the electronic processors without the need for ultrafast optoelectronic transmitters and receivers

Development Milestones

  • Preliminary design of a specific embodiment of the ORTA concept using simulation tools.
  • 12-18 months $250,000.
  • Complete implantation of ORTA preliminary prototype including layout design and fabrication in a foundary. 18-24 months approximately $2,000,000





Patent Status

Granted US 8,588,620; Israel 190260

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