Soluble-on-Demand Device for Fallopian Tubes Reversible Occlusion

Cohn Daniel, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry
Bloom Allan,


Existing tubal ligation techniques are irreversible and have severe drawbacks.  In case of an arising need to terminate an occlusion, the implications are risky and might be traumatic.

Our Innovation

  • Novel “soluble on-demand” contraceptive device for Fallopian Tube occlusion


The use of unique “reverse thermo-responsive” soluble polymers enabled to reopen previously sealed Fallopian tubes


Polymer and water solutions go through a sharp and totally reversible sol-gel-sol transition, generating robust gels at body temperature, which rapidly and fully liquefy, once the temperature drops below the transition temperature.


Current Development Stage

TRL4 POC and Safety demonstrated on animal models

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