Device for Remote Monitoring of Blood Glucose

Feldman Yuri, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Physics
Ben Ishai Paul, HUJI, School of Computer Science and Engineering, Applied Physics
Yedgar Saul, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology



Existing personal glucose levels are still controlled invasively by blood sampling. The option of constant 24 hour monitoring of blood glucose levels would significantly impact the wellbeing of diabetic patients and reduce the ever growing financial cost of the disease. 



  • Glucose concentrations in blood plasma significantly change the nature of the cytoplasm in Red Blood Cells (RBC) which is particularly useful for remotely sensing measuring blood glucose level.


Our Innovation

  • The multi-sensing platform evaluates an irradiating signal high frequency range and thus decodes the change in the blood glucose level
  • The platform is based on a micro-strip sensor reading the reflection (or transmission) and modifying the dielectric response of RBCs
  • The device is envisioned to be integrated with a receiving unit (smart phone) for further data analysis and ongoing diabetes monitoring



A multisensory platform technology could become a foundation for developing wearable blood glucose meter for diabetic patients.


Current Development Stage

TRL 3 Initial Proof of Concept  

Contact for more information:

Ariela Markel
VP, Business Development, Healthcare