Novel, On Demand, RF-Triggered, Degradable Implants (IVC Filters)

Porath Danny, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry
Shoseyov Oded, HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, Plant Sciences and Genetics
Benny Ofra , HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Pharmacy- Institute for Drug Research


LifeSciences and BioTechnology   


Implant, Medical Devices, Biodegradable, BioTech

Current development stage

  TRL3 Experimental proof of concept                        


  • Implant devices are extensively used, but have a few limitations:
  • Most implants remain in the body even after they finish their mission
  • Removal of implants is costly and requires an invasive procedure; only 20-30% are actually removed
  • Biodegraded implant have a pre-determined life span which may not correlate with the healing process and the medical need
  • FDA safety alert in Feb. 2011: ” Filters should be removed if possible”

Our Innovation

A novel concept in implant design which will be first applied to construct IVC filters - an “on demand” degradable implant which can be rapidly dissolved in vivo in response to external stimuli like an electro-magnetic field and after verifying by imaging that there are no trapped clots in the IVC filter.


  • Flexibility - custom made fibers with predesigned strength, elasticity, heat capacity, and diameter
  • Novelty – a new concept of RF-triggered fiber
  • Platform technology - can be used for different implants
  • Safety - biocompatible materials, no special regulatory issues are expected, non-invasive removal
  • Manufacturing - using existing methods of fabrication: coaxial extrusion and Texturing
  • Cost - inexpensive product and fewer procedures



The researchers aim to address two of the most critical problems in biomedicine: one is the precise device life span and the other is simple and immediate destruction of mal- positioned devices and implants in-vivo with minimal adverse side-effects and maximal clinical benefit to patients.   

The new procedure has two steps: filter implantation and develop a non-invasive Radio Frequency (RF) induction.

Once radio frequencies are on, iron oxide nanoparticles produce heat

Once hot, PCL/PLA will melt down for a quick core dissolution

The filter shape disintegrates within seconds

All products are biodegradable and safe.




  • IVC Filters are a unique example of a much needed degradable "on demand" Device
  • IVC filter is a medical device that is implanted into the Inferior Vena Cava to prevent life-threatening pulmonary emboli
  • One filter costs 1000$ + 10,000$ Procedure
  • Estimated annual use of 250,000 filters in the USA alone (2012) (250,000 more world-wide), half for prophylactic indications.
  • FDA approved retrievable filters in 2003

Patent Status

Published CN 107427612

Contact for more information:

Shani Bullock
VP, Business Development, Healthcare