Water-Degradable Hygienic and Sanitary Products

Cohn Daniel, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry


One of the key problems facing the tampons industry is the fact that all too often, used tampons are flushed down the toilet. Contrary to toilet paper, tampons do not disintegrate in water. As a matter of fact, they are designed to do precisely the opposite: to absorb liquids and largely swell, without falling apart, causing ecological problems.

Our Innovation

  • Soluble hygienic products like wet wipes, tampons could solve an important sanitary issue, addressing also the consequent ecological problems.
  • Polymers with appropriate mechanical properties and liquid absorbency for fast and complete solubility, when flushed into a large amount of cold water (e.g. to the sewage).
  • The polymer keeps its structural integrity and absorption capacity in body temperature while dissolves in lower temperatures.
  • Safe to use, no irritation or allergic response



  • Rendering hygienic products (wipes etc.) by polymer
  • Outstanding performance displayed by a family of developed polymers
  • Optionally, polymers’ rendering could be also biodegradable.


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