New Epigenetic Tool for Diagnosis of Cancer

Hellman Asaf, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, Developmental Biology and Cancer Research


Most cancers are unstable and highly susceptible to cell death; hence tumors represent a steady-state picture of unregulated proliferation as well as ongoing cell death. Therefore, substantial levels of tumor specific DNA may be noted in cell-free DNA extractions from the blood. There is a need  Real-time monitoring of solid tumor progression through non-invasive blood test of gene expression signatures

To date, DNA methylation marks in cell-free extracts are used to detect the existence of tumors, but unable to report on tumor classification and dynamics. Current methylation mapping technologies are either very biased toward gene promoters or cover the genome at low per-site read numbers.

Our Innovation

  • A novel biomarker for gene expression signature in cancer
  • The unique group of DNA-methylation sites extremely sensitive to gene expression level
  • The new class of markers allows precise evaluation of the expression levels of key cancer genes, thus enabling effective diagnosis, prognosis, prediction and monitoring of treatment responses, in blood as well as in a broad range of tissue sample types.


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