MYP - Mind Your Process – when learning together

Schwarz Baruch (Education), HUJI, Faculty of Humanities, School of Education
De Groot Reuma, HUJI, Faculty of Humanities
Drachman Raul, HUJI, School of Education



Humanities, Education

Development Stage

Pedagogical tools fully developed, software requires upscale

Our Technology

We developed sophisticated Internet-based tools and services that support K-12 and groupwork in Higher Education institutions, facilitating critical thinking, argumentation, group planning, gaming and dialogue. Our unique tools offer synchronous environments assisted by with artificial intelligence (AI) that support student collaboration when they are engaged in inquiry-based learning, argumentation and decision making processes.

Advantages of our tools and pedagogical approach

  • Connecting schools to daily life by promoting students’ independence through e-learning and creative collaborative group work.
  • Supporting students’ abilities to learn how to study together.
  • Designing advanced and relevant learning and training activities for teachers and facilitators, using our tools and novel pedagogical approach. 
  • Offering new pedagogy for teachers to facilitate their students’ work in technological environments.
  • Bridging academy and schools through continuously involving teachers and students in the design and development of new tools and cutting-edge pedagogy.

Achievement record

  • During the last 12 years, the group won five highly competitive grants from the leading European R&D -funding program for the conduction of projects to support its work on research and tool development. Our tools have been in use by thousands of students in schools in Israel, South America and Europe, as well as with hundreds of teachers in training and workshops. 

Investment Opportunity

  • Yissum, the Research and Development Company of the Hebrew University, is looking for an investor to fund the establishment of a company or otherwise undertake the upgrading of the mentioned tools to enable their technically stable, large-scale operation in genuine educational environments.

Further information: www.kishurimgroup.org 

Contact for more information:

Aviv Shoher