Integra Holdings Ltd

Patt Liana


Company Profile:

Integra Holdings is a unique venture fund that combines academic excellence, funding and R&D guidance together with a strong and proven business network. Founded by Yissum, Integra focuses on an exclusive selection of biotech companies with proprietary solutions and a competitive advantage in their respective fields.

Integra takes a hands-on approach by providing our portfolio companies the strategic planning and business development necessary to bring their technology to the market.

Integra’s Investors:


  • Invatech Holdings: The first round of investment was led by Invatech, a group of private U.S. and Israeli investors
  • Halman- Aldubi Provident and Pension Fund
  • HUJI Fund
  • Israeli Teachers Fund




Contact Details
Address: Hi-Tech Park, Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat-Ram, Jerusalem, Israel
Phone: +972-2-658-6688
Fax:  +972-2-658-6689

Exhibition Representatives
Name: Liana Patt, PhD, MBA
E-mail: liana@integra-holdings.com


Contact for more information:

Shoshana Keynan
VP, Head of Business Development, Healthcare
Contact ME: