General Method for the Entrapment of Organic Bioactive Agents in a Metal Matrix

Avnir David, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry

Our Innovation

  • Device for disinfecting re-circulating water system utilizing new biocidal silver composite, Using a new materials-technology which enables the entrapment of organic biocidal compounds within biocidal silver, resulting in a powerful antibacterial composite: SilverPlus.
  • The new silver composites are more effective than silver alone and their material properties make them particularly suitable for the use in the disinfection of closed loop re-circulating water systems and for potable water in emergencies.


  • Applications in industrial water systems (hot and cold ), hot water systems for institutional buildings, swimming pools, Aquaculture

Key Features

  • New antibacterial compositions based on common active substances
  • Controlled release of the organic biocidal agents which are entrapped in silver
  • Synergetic microbiocidal activity
  • Reduced environmental fingerprints and burdens
  • Residual disinfection capabilities in the treated water systems

Development Milestones

  • Seeking industry cooperation for commercialization and funding for ongoing research and development


Patent Status

Granted US 9,289,402