Passion-Fruit Cultivar '428' (Dena) - Fruit Remain on The Vine After Ripening Dena (‘428’)

Samach Alon, HUJI, Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, Plant Sciences and Genetics


Most passion fruit cultivars bear fruit twice a year: in the summer and the winter. Furthermore, each vine’s fruit ripens at different times causing the farmer to revisit the vine every 2 days to collect newly ripened fruit.

Our Innovation

We developed a, purple, sweet, exotic flavored passionfruit cultivar named 'Dena' (line '428') which does not abscise and remains on the vine for several weeks

  • Dena’s fruiting duration is 9 months long, from August to May (in the Mediterranean climate), which is 3 months longer than the leading commercial variety, ‘Passion Dream’ whose fruiting duration is only 6 months long, from July to August and again from January to April.
  • Dena can potentially increase a farmer’s profits by reducing the labor costs associated with daily fruit collection. Lack of abscission enables farmers to control harvest times based on market demand.
  • Dena has an additional harvest in the off-season (Sept. to Dec.) which commands higher market prices.
  • Dena can be grafted onto rootstocks for more vigorous growth.


Physical Attributes of the Fruit:

Dena has a deep purple color peel that is very attractive to consumers. Dena is slightly smaller and rounder then Passion Dream, the leading commercial variety.


It was shown (link) that reduced ethylene production in ‘Dena’ (previously called ‘Ripens during Summer’) delays abscission – remaining on the vine for several weeks.

‘Dena’ is also able to flower in the summer at very high temperatures, allowing it to bear fruit between September and December, unlike other commercial cultivars.

Dena’s fruit are rich in antioxidants and were recently shown to have neuroprotective properties (link).


Dena's cultivar is perfect for the fresh fruit market but can also be used in the production of juices. Dena is protected by the PBR (Plant Breeders Rights) in Israel.

We are looking for growers and distributors in Israel as well as partners abroad for growing, marketing and selling Dena.  

Please see other specialty passion fruit cultivars such as Gilis (line 280-15), Yukis (line 280-7) and Oris (line 280-4).



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