Topical Formulation for Nail and Skin Treatments

Touitou Elka, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Pharmacy- Institute for Drug Research


Current Development Stage

TRL 9 Ready for mass production


Our Innovation

  • Pouch drug delivery system (web- like films) for dermal, transdermal and nail  administration of drugs and actives for various treatments
  • Applied to the nail or skin treated surfaces as solutions that are in the form of a lacquer
  • Web-structure film acts as a reservoir for the active agent



Structures present in PDDS. Representative micrographs of (a) PDDS matrix versus (b) control (system with the same composition without phospholipid) visualized by light microscopy (Zeiss, Axioskop, Germany), using an Achroplan ×40/0.65 objective, bar=1000 nm


Skin penetration profiles of Rhodamine B delivered from PDDS and control (system with the same composition without phospholipid) into porcine ear skin in 1h nonocclusive application. Depth of skin penetration and fluorescence intensity were determined by CLSM (Zeiss LSM 410) and analyzed by Image Pro-Plus software



  • All components are regulatory approved
    The unique polymer structure created in combination with the phospholipids on the nail area serving as a reservoir of active components for sustained release
  • Effective for anti-fungal indication
  • The technology enables the application to multiple active components for a variety of applications.

Patent Status

Granted US 9,668,987; Europe 2391344

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