Smart, Easily Removable Catheters

Cohn Daniel, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Institute of Chemistry

Our Innovation

The group of Prof. Cohn is developing novel polymeric systems for in situ generated implants. The implants may be used in direct contact with tissues and organs, and might require to be removed from the body in due course, in a non-injurious and gentle manner.

  • These medical devices will be easily removed due a change in several of its dimensional and mechanical features, triggered “on command” by an external stimulus.
  • The researchers clearly demonstrated the versatility and potential of the easily and non-injuriously removable medical devices being developed.  

Applications for use:

The Biomedical devices that will benefit from our research will include,  catheters, endoscopes, sondae, stents of various types, tubes, drainage systems, hemostats, absorbants, immobilization devices, sutures, staples, films, sponges, plugs, clips, spacers, sealants of various types, coatings, matrices for the release of biologically active species, and any other biomedical system that is used in direct contact with tissues or organs.



  • Biomedical devices implanted within lumen bearing internal organs (blood vessels, uterus, GI tract), on the surface of the body and in the cavities present at the surface of the body (mouth, nose, ears).
  • The biomedical devices can also reside partially within the body and partially outside it, partially introduced into the body percutaneously or through any of the surface cavities and introduced through an existing wound.

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