Small novel molecules (Thiazolidinediones) for Prevention and Destruction of Bacterial Biofilms (in all modes of administration)

Steinberg Doron, HUJI, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Institute of Dental Sciences
(Late) Srebnik Morris, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC


  • Quorum sensing takes place in biofilms where microbes such as bacteria and fungi are at close proximity to one another
  • Inter species quorum sensing may affect microbes’ physiology and virulence properties, resulting in the enhanced virulent properties of biofilms
  • Prevents formation of biofilms as well as disruption of existing biofilms
  • Many applications in health, water systems, for sterilization of large surfaces, such as walls and floors, in prevention of biofouling and bioerosion

Our Innovation

Synthesis of novel thiazolidinediones that present a new anti-microbial approach by interfering with the quorum sensing of bacteria and fungi in biofilms.

Application for use:

  • Development for use as a non-antibiotic approach to infection therapy.
  • Medical applications to prevent biofilms in catheters and tubing; large surface sterilization.
  • Useful in any water system to counteract biofouling – filtration membranes, air conditioning, desalination and more...
  • Prevention of biofouling of irrigation systems using recycled water.  

Key Features

  • Compounds used are not lethal to bacteria – they are used at concentrations lower than the MIC (minimal inhibitory concentration) - greatly reduces the development of resistance.
  • Can be used together with known antibiotics and biocides at much lower concentrations.
  • May be used to prevent formation of biofilms as well as disruption of existing biofilms.


Contact for more information:

Mel Larrosa
VP Business Development Healthcare