Treatment of Allergies and Asthma Using Recombinant Bi-Specific Antibodies

Levi-Schaffer Francesca, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC, School of Pharmacy- Institute for Drug Research



Life Science and Biotechnology

Development Stage

Proof-of-concept, in vitro


Allergies, Asthma



Mast cells (MCs) are a type of white blood cell in the immune system. They are produced in the bone marrow and play a key role in the inflammatory process.  Additionally, they are the primary driver of allergic reactions, facilitating the degranulation of histamines when bound by an allergen. By selectively inhibiting the MCs, the pivotal initiators of the allergic cascade, allergies should be blocked.


Our Innovation

  • We proposed to block specifically MC activity via bound-IgE targeting and activation of CD300a - an inhibitory receptor that we have defined on these cells. For this, we have developed anti-IgE/anti-CD300a bi-specific antibodies (Abs) that we have shown to selectively inhibit MC activation both in vitro and in mice models of allergy.
  • 2 types of recombinant bi-specific Abs were produced and demonstrated in vitro their efficacy in inhibiting MC activation.


The Opportunity

  • Allergic diseases (asthma, allergic rhinitis, atopic dermatitis (AD) etc.) affect ~15% of the world population and are on the rise. Today, except for the classical anti-allergic treatments, i.e. corticosteroids, anti-histamines, etc., few new drugs, most of which are monoclonal Abs (mAbs) have been developed. However these new drugs are only partially effective in limited-defined patient populations. None of the approved drugs is designated to block the first and key effectors of all the kinds of allergy, the mast cells (MCs).
  • The drug is first targeted to severe asthma. Current revenues for biologics in severe asthma treatment exceed $ 2 billion annually, with only 10% of patients under treatment.


Development Milestones

Seeking funding for ongoing research and industrial collaboration to advance to in vivo POC.



Patent Status

Granted US 8,133,485

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