Silicon chip-based optical sensors for diagnostics

Levy Uriel, HUJI, Faculty of Science, Applied Physics Department


Chip scale photonics technology is developing rapidly for diverse applications, from communication and computation to various types of sensing. The Levy group has pioneered diverse advanced chip scale photonic technologies, including for example low loss waveguides, high Q resonators, cutting edge filtering capabilities, integration of active and passive device on chip, and the manufacturing of hybrid chips bringing together microfluidics and photonic devices.

 On top of the known applications in photonics, these photonic chip scale technologies can also be used in medical and diagnostic applications.

In this project, we bring together chip scale photonics, microfluidic/nanofluidic delivery systems and surface chemistry for the purpose of RNA detection, with a focus on having specificity to specific types of RNA’s such as the COVID-19 RNA. This project brings together top notch expertise in photonics, microfluidics, nanofabrication and RF control for the purpose of advanced detection of viruses with speed and efficiency.  Results are expected within few months from launching.