Screening of Drugs to Inhibit Viral Infections

Arkin Isaiah, HUJI, Faculty of Science, The Alexander Silberman Institute for Life Sciences
  • Our group has published a lot of work on the SARS Coronavirus. We were the first to characterize an important protein in the virus that has a very unusual structure and sequence (E protein). Moreover, this protein was unique to SARS and was not found in any other Coronavirus. Now importantly, the new 2019 Coronavirus has a very similar protein!
  • Researches shown that the SARS protein may impact the membrane stability due to membrane hydrophobic mismatch. It may also be an ion channel. This is good news since ion channels make very good drug targets. We have already cloned the protein from the 2019 coronavirus and showed that it is an ion channel as well. After that, we will make use of several different assays that we have developed to screen for drugs that may inhibit this channel and consequently the virus.

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