Determine Condition Parameters of Covid-19 Patients

Smith Yoav, HUJI, School of Medicine - IMRIC


LifeSciences and BioTechnology   


Covid-19, Computational biology, Personalized medicine

Current development stage

For Pharmaceutical development: TRL4 - POC & Safety of candidate drug formulation is demonstrated in defined animal model




Researcher Yoav Smith as developed computational tools to determine Covid-19 infection parameters. Based on standard COVID-19 test, the technology provides quantitative measures regarding the patient condition and susceptibility for specific treatment. These parameters may be crucial in determining the patient prognosis and adequate therapy

Our Innovation

Our innovation employs a computational algorithm to provide quantitate measures concerning the condition of a COVID-19 patient. The algorithm detects the virus load and the expression level of the patient’s immune system genes, thus providing information concerning both the severity level of the disease and the state of the immune system. The technology also predicts the interaction between the virus and the patient’s innate immune system during the disease progression.


The suggested technology provides information regarding the condition of COVID-19 patients, which may be crucial in determining the following:

  • Patient response for specific therapy
  • Prognosis for recovery
  • Prioritizing for hospitalization
  • The technology may be applicable for other respiratory viral infections.


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