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Keywords microfluidic channels, NV centers, NMR Current development stage TRL3 Experimental proof of concept               Our Innovation A Non-contact precise method for estimating the velocity, the diffusion coefficient and the ...
Retzker Alex
Keywords Rubidium, Cesium, Nanocrystals, , UV, NIR Current development stage TRL3 Experimental proof of concept        Application Perovskite materials, both in bulk and nanometric forms, have excellent properties as light harvesting ...
Etgar Lioz
Method enables tight control of electronic properties Categories Nanotechnology, Chemistry & Materials, Micro & Opto Electronics , Nano Materials and Nano Structures, Semiconductors, Nanoprocesses , Electronic / Optic / Electrooptic / ...
Banin Uri
Enables coating of minerals and acid-sensitive materials with conductive film. Categories Materials, Nanotechnology, Cleantech, Coatings, Nanoparticles, Energy, Solar, Electronic / Optic / Electrooptic / Photonic Development Stage Proof of ...
Lev Ovadia